Modern Technology

What kind of examination do we do at Coram Chiropractic? Our main examination process is to search for subluxations. Subluxations represent a serious interference to your nervous system that prevents normal function and healing. To do this we use a combination of time proven procedures and modern technology.

The modern technology we use is called an Insight Millennium Subluxation Station. This computerized state-of-the-art technology is designed to help us better understand your subluxations, and monitor your results.

This examination technology is really two examinations in one. The Insight Millennium checks your spine and nervous system for heat variations as well as surface electrical current.

All new patients automatically receive this examination process as part of their initial examination. After a period of care all patients will experienced this examination when they get their update re-examinations. At some point, all of our patients have these procedures done as part of their re-examination process. Below is an explanation of each part of this examination and the significance of these procedures in monitoring and correcting your subluxations.

The first part of the Insight Millennium examination consists of a Thermal (heat reading) examination. This procedure checks for heat differences on either side of your spine. The nervous system is the primary controller of circulation therefore any heat differences indicate how your nervous system is regulating circulation. Subluxations play a major part in changing circulation. By monitoring heat along the spine you have a good means of measuring the effects of subluxations and the progress made toward correcting those subluxations under chiropractic care.

The second component of the examination process is Surface Electromyography, called SEMG. The SEMG measures the amount of electrical current in the muscles. This monitors how well the motor nerves are working. Subluxations interfere with motor nerves and therefore effect the readings of the SEMG. By performing regular SEMG examinations and comparing the results, you can tell how well your chiropractic care is correcting the nervous system interference from subluxations.

Children and pregnant women will probably benefit the most from this type of examination. In these groups of patients, x-rays are usually not a part of the examination procedure. Using the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station examination procedures gives us reliable examination procedures that can be used to help monitor progress.

Subluxations effect nerve system function. The Insight Millennium examination is the best technology available to monitor changes in function due to subluxations. As your care continues, we will be performing these examinations with the Insight Millennium to monitor your progress. Most patients should expect this procedure to be performed every 12 - 15 visits.

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