Services Offered By Dr. Aron

Specific Spinal Adjustments

Adjusting the spine is the cornerstone of chiropractic. We utilize multiple techniques in order to provide the greatest service to our patients. Along with the traditional manual adjustments, Dr. Aron may use special tables or adjusting instruments for infants, children and pregnant women.



Massage Therapy

At Dr. Arons' Chiropractic office we have a Licensed Massage Therapist on our staff in order to assist you in reaching your health goals. Massage is used in coordination with chiropractic adjustments to help the soft tissues of the body heal quickly and effectively.

A massage therapist's trained and caring touch can have profound effects on your physical, mental and emotional states.

Adjunctive Therapy

Certain types of Adjunctive Therapy are used by Dr. Aron. Depending on your history and examination findings, Dr. Aron may add a regimen of therapy modalities designed to help the healing process of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Custom-Made Orthotics

At Dr. Arons' Chiropractic office, we custom design shoe inserts through an imaging process that we use in our office. First, you will get a digital foot scan which captures an exact impression of your feet while you are standing. We then determine which style is appropriate for you, and the scan is sent to the laboratory where the stabilizers are created to correct any imbalances found in the three arches of your feet.

Exercise Counseling

Learning how to use your body properly is an essential part of the chiropractic approach to health. Throughout your chiropractic care, you will be instructed in the proper use of an exercise program, custom-tailored to your individual needs. These exercises become an integral part, not only of getting well, but of staying well.

Nutritional Counseling

Simply stated, "You are what you eat." Often, the difference between regaining health and remaining ill is the patents eating and drinking habits. During your initial consultation, Dr. Aron will ask specific questions to determine if you require special nutritional advice. It is a critically important part of your chiropractic care.

Understanding Finances

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Dr. Aron offers state-of-the-art chiropractic care at fair and equitable fees. Our dedicated and well-trained staff is ready, willing, and able to assist you in deciding which financial option best suits you personally.

Outstanding Patient Service

Our staff takes pride in making your experience an outstanding one. Please click here to preview, What to Expect.